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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch



Not individual products, but companies with interesting offerings

American Science and Supplies
Discount science supplies.

WEB LINK: http://www.sciplus.com/

Beautiful Feet Books
Literature-based studies

WEB LINK: http://www.bfbooks.com/

Bob Jones University Curriculum
WEB LINK: http://www.bjupress.com/distance_learning/homeschool.html

Book Peddler
WEB LINK: http://www.bookpeddler.us/

BookSwim Online Book Rental
BookSwim is the first online book rental library service lending you paperbacks and hardcovers, Netflix®-style, directly to your house, without the need to purchase. Site contains new releases, bestsellers, and classics. Read the books as long as you want -- no late fees. Even choose to purchase and keep the titles you love.

WEB LINK: http://www.bookswim.com/

Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum
Christian curriculum that includes unit studies using sources such as Little House on the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables.

WEB LINK: HTTP://www.cadroncreek.com/

Textbook seller and re-seller. You may search for textbooks by title, author, or isbn number. Using the isbn number may be the most effective way to search for textbooks; trying to sort out which edition, whether it has a companion CD, etc. may prove time-consuming. For some college classes, buying online is not feasible because of shipping delays.

WEB LINK: HTTP://www.campusi.com

Carolina Science
Supplies everything you'll need for every kind of science.

WEB LINK: HTTP://www.carolina.com

Core Curriculum of America
WEB LINK: HTTP://www.core-curriculum.com/

Covenant Home Curriculum
Providers of a complete, eclectic, classical approach, Pre-school through 12th grade curriculum for home educators with a reformed Christian world view.

WEB LINK: HTTP://www.covenanthome.com/

Database of Vendors
By Sky Mountain Charter School

A charter school put together this list of vendors, complete with descriptions, website, contact info. Most popular homeschool vendors are listed on this comprehensive site.

WEB LINK: http://www.skymountaincs.org/search/search_vendors.php

Discount School Supplies
They carry great craft supplies at MUCH better prices than the craft stores, and their customer service is great too.


WEB LINK: http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/?es=41902LIAME&

Home Study International
As a global Seventh-day Adventist educational institution, the mission of Griggs University & International Academy is to provide educationally sound, values-based, guided independent study and distance education programs that build a foundation for service to God, church, and society.

WEB LINK: HTTP://www.hsi.edu/

Home Training Tools
Lab supplies, including chemicals.

WEB LINK: http://www.hometrainingtools.com/

Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Free to join. This service offers discounts on materials, videos, games, and more. From the site:
The Co-op combines the purchasing power of thousands of homeschooling families around the country to give homeschoolers the same purchasing clout as school districts.

WEB LINK: https://www.homeschoolbuyersco-op.org/index.php?

Homeschool Classifieds
Buy & sell used curriculum materials.

WEB LINK: http://homeschoolclassifieds.com/default.asp

HSLDA Curriculum Market
This site is for the sale of curriculum and materials specifically related to homeschooling. HSLDA created this site in response to our members concerns about the policy of other auction sites that do not allow the sale of teacher or instructor materials (e.g., anything with an answer key). A one-stop shop where anyone can sell, and HSLDA Members can buy, new or used curriculum.

WEB LINK: http://market.hslda.org/auction/xcAuction.asp

A Jackdaw is your personal archive of hands-on primary source materials. Most documents are reproduced in their actual sizes for you to touch and explore over and over.

WEB LINK: http://www.jackdaw.com/t-jackdaws.aspx

K12 Online Home Schools
Offers a traditional education program for all grades.

WEB LINK: HTTP://www.k12.com

Konos Unit Study
Originally written by two homeschooling moms, this Christian unit study is organized by character attributes.

WEB LINK: HTTP://www.konos.com/

WEB LINK: http://www.mindwareonline.com/MWEstore/Home/HomePage.aspx?_COUNTRY_ID={83F02198-6C32-11D3-811F-0000F80627E2}&_SESSION_ID={7B5EBC

Out-of-Print (OOP) Book Vendor
The site searches for both OOP and non-OOP, the default being non-OOP.
  • Click on the tab for "used and out of print" books to refine the search for OOP vs. Non-OOP.
  • It searches based on different criteria across many websites, including Amazon, Alibris, Abebooks and others.
  • It sorts results by title/price or other selectable fields.
  • It provides the asking price and an adjusted prices to reflect shipping.
  • There is also an icon to click for searching a varied set of sites for non-OOP books.

    WEB LINK: http://used.addall.com/

  • Paperback Swap
    This is a group of readers who share books with each other (NOT just paperbacks) for nothing more than the cost of postage (media mail). You are notified by email if someone wants a book you have listed on the site. Each time you "swap" a book, you earn one credit that you may use to procure a book through the swap. Audiobooks are two credits. Membership is free.

    The site also includes a Bargain Bazaar and discussion forums. You can also build a wish list that will notify you when a book is available.

    For more info, use the website listed here or read blog post:

    WEB LINK: http://www.paperbackswap.com/index.php

    R.O.C.K. Solid Inc
    A Christian supplier of homeschool supplies

    WEB LINK: HTTP://www.rocksolidinc.com

    Rainbow Resource Center
    WEB LINK: http://www.rainbowresource.com/index.php

    Robinson Self-Teaching Curriculum
    An Excellent K-12 Home School Curriculum Developed by a scientist and his six children. It is based on the idea to teach children to teach themselves.

    WEB LINK: http://www.robinsoncurriculum.com/

    Science Company
    An excellence source for purchasing science supplies for biology (agar, bacteria, stains, microscopes), chemistry (glassware, chemicals) and earth science (meteorological supplies, rocks & minerals), and more. No special paperwork needed. They sell to homeschoolers, no questions asked.

    The site also has several science experiments you can duplicate at home on topics such as crystals, bacteria, electromagnetism and more.

    WEB LINK: http://www.sciencecompany.com/

    Switched-On Schoolhouse
    Alpha Omega Publications offers this stimulating multimedia and interactive format infuse the learning process with plenty of excitement. The five core subjects -- Bible, Language Arts, Math, History and Geography, and Science -- plus a variety of electives are available.

    WEB LINK: http://www.aop.com/sos/

    The Critical Thinking Company
    A must stop for the logic stage and beyond!

    WEB LINK: http://www.criticalthinking.com/index.jsp

    Tobin's Lab
    Our Mission: To offer hands-on science materials for all ages at great prices in one place
    Our Motto: Science is not a book, it's a mess!

    WEB LINK: HTTP://tobinslab.com

    Used Textbooks
    By Barnes & Noble

    Save up to 90% on used textbooks. Many popular science and other AP texts.

    WEB LINK: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/used/search.asp?r=1

    Woodwind & Brasswind Outlet Store
    Good source of music supplies for wind instruments and others, and for enhancement materials such as xylophones, mallets, My Music Box which has "piano fingers," the notes that are placed on the treble and bass staffs, how to count the notes, etc.


    WEB LINK: http://www.wwbw.com/

    Yahoo Group: Homeschoolers Used Books Sale
    Homeschool Used Books is a message board for parents and educators to list their used Homeschool-related materials. This site is to be appropriate for all ages and is only a message board. All negotiations, prices, guarantees are STRICTLY between buyer and seller. As a parent who home- educates her children, I know how important it is to find affordable materials that are in good shape and reusable. I welcome parents who wish to sell their USED privately owned curriculum materials at FAIR prices to other parents of home educated children. This site is NON-COMMERCIAL.

    Thank you.
    Leann Carey

    WEB LINK: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HOMESCHL-USED-BOOKS/


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    NOTE: Descriptions of programs and resources have been submitted for your information. They are passed on to you as a service. No endorsement by Classical Kids or its administrators should be inferred.