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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch

Homeschooling Organizations


American Homeschool Association
Find links here to FAQ about homeschooling, articles regarding homeschooling and links to support groups nationwide.

WEB LINK: http://www.americanhomeschoolassociation.org

ClickSchooling brings to your email box a new website to look over Monday through Saturday. From their site, a description:

ClickSchooling searches the Net to bring you one, terrific educational website each day: Monday-Math; Tuesday-Science; Wednesday-Language Arts; Thursday-History Social Studies; Friday Virtual Field Trips; and Weekends are for Electives -- Art, Music, Foreign Languages and more!

To subscribe, go to:

WEB LINK: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClickSchooling/

Home School Legal Defense Association
The national watchdog group for homeschoolers. Website provides support in the form of articles, audio interviews, pamphlets and handouts, and video conferences on a wide variety of topics. HSLDA send alerts via email concerning upcoming legislative issues.

Membership is $115 per year per family. Discounts if signing up for 2 or more years. HSLDA works with TEACH, the CT organization, and offers membership discounts at various times of the year.

WEB LINK: http://www.hslda.org/

Homeschool World
Includes articles, list of support groups by state, and an interactive message board.

WEB LINK: http://www.home-school.com

National Home Education Legal Defense
NHELD believes, first and foremost, in empowering individuals to act in accordance with their conscience. NHELD believes in an informed, empowered citizenry, who is able to fight for freedom effectively when necessary.

Therefore, NHELD, LLC provides the services of:

  • Notifying its members of any proposed legislation on the federal level, and on the state level (where possible) that will affect their right to educate in freedom;
  • Informing individuals about where the entire proposed legislation may be located, so that they may find and read for themselves the text of the legislation itself;
  • Advising individuals not to take the word of anyone else about what that legislation says, but to read the text for themselves in order to formulate their own opinion about the effect the legislation will have, and
  • Suggesting courses of action that individuals may wish to take.

    The full subscription fee is $50.00 per year per family/individual and entitles you to all of NHELD, LLC's services.

    WEB LINK: http://www.nheld.com/


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    Homeschooling Organizations


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