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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch


CK Publications

Articles, enrichment evening handouts, and other items of interest written by members of Classical Kids.

An Introduction to Classical Homeschooling
By Diane Speed

This companion to Diane Speed's presentation on the classical approach lays out the principles fundamental to building a classical curriculum at home.

DOWNLOAD FILE: An Introduction to Classical Homeschooling (2009).pdf

Book Clubs for Girls
By Patricia McArdle

This document contains selected suggestions for setting up a book club, and lists the actual books used by a book club over a year and a half.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Book Clubs for Girls.pdf

Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament flyer, Feb. 12, 2017.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Chess championship 2017.pdf

Children's Book Club Resources
By Lani Siciliano and Amanda Hale

This document lists resources for supporting the running of a book club. These resources provide both suggestions for discussions and activities as well as specific descriptions of books you may wish to discuss. The document also lists books selected over a period of three years for one book club.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Resources for Children's Book Clubs.pdf

Children's Book Clubs: How to Organize
By Amanda Hale

This document was written for presentation at a Classical Kid's Enrichment Evening discussion on children's book clubs. It contains general guidance and identifies issues to consider in creating a structure for a children's book club.


CT Historical Society March 2015 Program
DOWNLOAD FILE: CT Historical Society homeschooldayflyer_March2015.pdf

CT Renaissance Faire
2017 CT Renaissance Faire.


Essentials of Screenwriting - onsite (Bethel) OR online
Flyer for Essentials of Screenwriting class during summer of 2015.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Essentials-of-Screenwriting-FLYER.PDF


Photosynthesis note-taking sheet

DOWNLOAD FILE: Student note sheet for Energy Photosynthesis page 1.pdf


Preparing Your Child for the Kids Forum
By Diane Speed

This document contains tips and suggestions for how to prepare a child for the Kids Forum. The Kids Forum is a monthly event during the school year in which children can present some of their ongoing school work. Also included in the document are suggested guidelines for the duration of presentations, organized by age or level.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Preparing for the Forum.pdf


Science: Teaching Resources and Websites
By Sarah Schinis

This document was prepared by Sarah Schinis when she spoke to our group at the Classical Kids Enrichment Evening in January 2008. It contains many resources local to CT, as well as books and websites that any homeschooling parent can find of use.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Resources and Links for Teaching Science.pdf

Three Rivers Community College Registration Form
DOWNLOAD FILE: Home School Reg form Spring 2014 Three Rivers.doc

University of Hartford College Now Application
DOWNLOAD FILE: Univ Hartford College Now Application.docx

Westfield Academy Flyer 2016
Model UN and Debate summer camp in West Hartford.

DOWNLOAD FILE: Westfield Academy Open House Flyer 2016.pdf

WEB LINK: http://WestfieldAcademy.net

Year-End Assessment: Taking Stock and Creating a Roadmap for the Coming Year
By Diane Speed

As the school year winds down, assessing the academic progress of your children is an important step. Whether your year surpassed expectations or was filled with challenges, this article will help you clearly assess your accomplishments, and help you make a productive and successful plan for next year.

DOWNLOAD FILE: End of Year Assessment.pdf


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CK Publications


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NOTE: Descriptions of programs and resources have been submitted for your information. They are passed on to you as a service. No endorsement by Classical Kids or its administrators should be inferred.