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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch


Audio & Video

Audio and Video that crosses disciplines and supports coursework

Annenberg Media Video Curriculum & Resources: Multiple Disciplines Covered
By Amanda Hale

"Teacher professional development and teacher resouces across the curriculum" may be found on this website courtesy of Annenberg Media, a long time underwriter of PBS educational shows.

This is an incredibly rich site--offering full, free videos of shows and workshops as varied as:

  • "French in Action", (appears to be all episodes of a high school/college level PBS show for learning conversational French);
  • "Algebra In Simple Terms" (Episodes of this program give a step-by-step look at algebra concepts--it is a video instructional series for college and high school classrooms and adult learners);
  • "Write in the Middle: A Workshop for Middle School Teachers" (This video workshop helps middle school teachers learn effective practices and strategies for writing instruction);
  • "Art Through Time: A Global View" (A multimedia course exploring works of art throughout time and human cultures).

The above is only a tiny glimpse--Page after page list the workshops and programs available here. The programs are generally middle school level and above, while the workshops are geared to adults, and cover teaching of everything from pre-K thru high school.

Many shows/workshops have other supporting materials available for purchase.

Happy Hunting!

Suggestion: Select "view program" tab on the website to begin to get an idea of the wealth located here.

WEB LINK: HTTP://learner.org

Documentary Films
Free online documentaries on various historical and other topics.

WEB LINK: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/category/history/page/4/

Educational Video Rental
Unlimited VHS & dvd rental for a set price ($10.50)/month. Similar to NetFlix, your selections arrive in the mail and you return them when you're done in the pre-paid shipper.

Subjects include math, science, social studies, humanities.

WEB LINK: https://www.aplusvideorentals.com/myaccount.asp?returnURL=rentalqueue.asp

Lecture & Debate Library
By Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Check out the lectures on a wide variety of subjects: humanities, education, history, religion, politics. Also on the site: debate archives on subjects such as gun ownership, stem cell reseach and more.

WEB LINK: http://www.isi.org/lectures/lectures.aspx?SBy=lecture&Sfor=a1aaa4e1-91a4-469d-99cc-1ed45aa218c4

Nook and Kindle can be used for library books
Did you know that you can now use either a Nook or Kindle to borrow books from the public library? In the past, Kindles were not compatible. This changed two months ago, and you can now read books on your Kindle from over 11,000 libraries.

How Kindle Works
You can borrow Kindle books from your local library's website and, with the click of a button, have them delivered to your Kindle device or free reading app.

  • Visit the website of a U.S. library that offers digital services from OverDrive.
  • Check out a Kindle book (using a valid library card).
  • Click on "Get for Kindle" and then sign in to your Amazon.com account to have the book delivered to your Kindle device or reading app.
  • Note: Public library books can be sent wirelessly to Kindle devices via an active Wi-Fi connection or transferred via USB.

    Use the bibliomation/overload link to access audio books to download on your iPod or mp3 player.
    You can check at your library or google for more info.

    WEB LINK: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2011/09/how-to-check-out-library-books-for-kindle/

  • Nova Interactive Archives
    A great source for videos regarding a wide range of topics: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, History, and more.

    WEB LINK: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/hotscience/

    Open Culture
    Good free resources.
  • Ebooks - over 350 books, all free, for Kindle/Nook and ipad/iphone.
  • Links to free Textbooks (ereader or online)
  • Kids' education - educational resources (children's ebooks, ebooks, audiobooks, courses).

    WEB LINK: HTTP://www.openculture.com

  • Podcast Directory
    By Learn Out Loud

    A wonderful directory of educational podcasts. There are thousands of podcasts aimed to instruct, inspire, and enlighten you.

    Some topics that would be of interest to homeschoolers:

  • the classics read aloud: Pride & Prejudice, Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, Plato's Republic, essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, short stories by Anton Chekhov, Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, Utopia by Sir Thomas More
  • Federalist papers & other founding US documents
  • Great speeches in history
  • History of Rome and other civilizations
  • foreign languages
  • science: astonomy, physics, human anatomy, and more
  • current events
  • philosophy & religion
    and so much more.

    You can stream it on your computer or download to an ipod.

    WEB LINK: http://www.learnoutloud.com/Podcast-Directory/

  • Podcasts
    By Library of Congress

    Podcasts on a variety of subjects from slave narratives to music and the mind.

    WEB LINK: http://www.loc.gov/podcasts/

    WatchKnow: Videos for all subjects in the curriculum
    This website is sponsored by a non-profit group. It is an online community devoted to sharing free educational videos

    From the website:
    The Internet is full of useful information, but it's disorganized and often unreliable. The potential of the Internet for education is especially huge...
    Imagine collecting all the best free educational videos made for children, and making them findable and watchable on one website...
    Just think: hundreds of thousands of great short videos, and other media, explaining every topic taught in schools, in every major language on Earth.

    Finally, imagine them usefully categorized according to subject, education level, and placed in the order in which topics are typically taught.

    WatchKnow - "You watch, you know" - is trying to do this.

    WEB LINK: http://www.watchknow.com/


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    NOTE: Descriptions of programs and resources have been submitted for your information. They are passed on to you as a service. No endorsement by Classical Kids or its administrators should be inferred.