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The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.
- Plutarch


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For general inquiries, contact us via...

e-mail:info @ classicalkids.net
mail:15 Long Meadow Ln, Ste 300
Bethel, CT 06801

Classical Kids runs on the efforts of many individuals and families. Below is a list of areas of the website, activities, and services that are coordinated by Classical Kids members.

Membership — Do you have questions about joining our group or updating your member info? The website is completely interactive and designed for new members to enroll themselves and for existing members to update their personal information. But if you have further questions or would like someone to contact you about homeschooling, contact our membership director at membership @ classicalkids.net

Library — Would you like to submit an item for the library or have questions about how the library works? Contact our librarian at librarian @ classicalkids.net

Events — Would you like to post information about class, activity, or other event? Or do you have questions about how to organize an event? Contact events @ classicalkids.net

Area Resources — Do you know of a great local resource that offers classes or services that would benefit our members? Contact our area resources manager at resources @ classicalkids.net

News & Announcements — Have you recently read an interesting news article or have an announcement you wish to post to the group? Contact news @ classicalkids.net

Donations — Do you want to make a donation or have questions about the finances of our group? Contact our treasurer at treasurer @ classicalkids.net

Other Services — Do you have an idea for a service or offering? Your contribution is welcome! Contact our group's main manager at info @ classicalkids.net

Thank you to these parents for taking personal time from themselves and their families to be of service to all of us!

classical kids
upcoming events

All of the events below are open to nonmembers, and each offers an opportunity to meet our members and find out more about our group.